Little did we know, but the Halloween Trains of 2018 were the last public operating days for Cheyenne Steamers at the Ice and Events Center location. For the previous five years, the City of Cheyenne had graciously allowed us to operate on the property and share our unique little trains with all of you. We are deeply grateful to the City of Cheyenne that we had the opportunity, and we learned many things along the way.

In Spring 2019, we were informed that new developers would be taking over the property as well as the property of the old Atlas Hotel for a new development. We promptly removed the 1/10 mile loop of track and our maintenance shed and relocated them to storage for a future day when we will find a new home. Of course, 2020 then brought the pandemic, so progress on finding a new home was put on hold.

Does this mean the end for Cheyenne Steamers? No. Although we do not have a permanent home right now, we will have occasions to show off our 50- and 100-year old steam locomotives, and do other promotions to gain support for a permanent miniature railroad attraction. Recently our beloved Cagney No. 2 made an appearance in mid-May for the Cheyenne Depot Museum, and we are certain there will be more to come.

Please continue to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to follow our journey into the future, and please come support us when we are able to have public events.