Donors & Sponsors

The Cheyenne Steamers Historic Amusement  Park is a newly formed “non-profit” organization designed to provide fun, wholesome and family uniting entertainment to the Laramie County. It is the goal of the foundation to create a small amusement park with a number of fun rides for all ages to enjoy.

The first ride, the 1911 Cagney Class D “Cheyenne Steamer” was installed in the Spring of 2014. Additional rides such as carousels, swings, rope courses, tilt-a-whirls, and even a small roller coaster are planned for the coming years.

As a non-profit foundation, the goal is to building lasting entertainment facility that will last the ages. To do this, the park will remain a non-profit foundation, controlled by community interested with the sole purpose of building and maintaining the park. The park will also provide our youth with a great place to work in the summer months.